The L-Series


The switches of the L-Series from 350 A to 2400 A are continuous current rated for off-load switching. They are designed for switching of resistive or low-inductive loads. The terminals are applicable to connect either cable lugs or copper bus bars. This series have easily accessible terminals - even with the switch already mounted.

The terminals are accessible either horizontally or vertically. Auxiliary contacts, padlock devices and door clutches are only a few possible optional extra which are applicable to this switch series.

» Technical Data

SwitchThermal CurrentUtilization Category
lu/lth [A]AC-21B [A]AC-23B [KW]
PDF-Download L1000/L1001 1000 400 90
PDF-Download L800 1100 630 132
PDF-Download L1250/L1251 1250 400 90
PDF-Download L1200 1450 800 132
PDF-Download L1600 1900 800 132
PDF-Download L2000 2400 800 132

» Mountings

Basically the L-series are designed for vertical wiring. Horizontal wiring is available for Panel Mounting and Base Mounting.

Panel Mounting

The Panel Mountings are well used mountings which cover wide application ranges.

  • The four hole mountings, which are fixed by 4 screws around the center shaft hole. The four hole mountings provide several variations which make them fit for all tasks.

Base Mounting

Base Mounting is used to fix a switch at the rear side, therefore it is the commonly used mounting for larger distributing cabinets.

The switch can be mounted at the base panel by four screws. For this mounting, several door clutches with or without padlock are available.

» Switching Functions

  • ON/OFF-Switches
  • Double-throw switches
  • Multi-step switches